December 7, 2014


For Halloween being a one day holiday it seems like we celebrated a ton this year.  It all started when I took the kids to the pumpkin patch with the playgroup we have.  It was so fun, there were animals, both kids got a pumpkin and a gourd, there was a hay maze in a barn, and also a petting zoo.  Again Blaiden enjoyed these events a little more then Adilene but overall I think she had a good time.

 Blaiden is picking a pumpkin for Adilene and himself.

 Next up was our family trip to pick out pumpkins to carve.  We had a big plan to go one afternoon when Fred was going to get off work early.  I had really talked it up to Blaiden and he was ready to go when Fred got home.  Fred ended up having to go surgery late that night and Blaiden couldn't wait another day to go get pumpkins so I ended up taking the kids and then we carved them when Fred got home.  Adilene was getting ready to go to bed but before she did we made sure that she got to play with the pumpkin guts.  It was so cute because she would want to touch it but the second she did she wouldn't like it and would pull her hand back.  She did this several times with the same reaction.  After she went to bed Blaiden and Fred were cleaning out their pumpkins.  Blaiden has never liked touching the guts and this year Fred really tried to get him into it.  This turned out into a pumpkin gut fight all over the living room!  I was very funny during but not so funny when I kept finding seeds around the house for the next week. 

Left to Right: Jessi, Adilene, Blaiden, Fred

In our neighborhood we do Halloween the Sunday before the 31st from 2-5.  I love Halloween in our neighborhood and this year it was even better because Blaiden was so excited to dress up.  We had been asking him all month long what he wanted to be and the only consistent answer was Mickey Mouse.  I had wanted him to be a farmer or something like that because Adilene was going to be a cow but he wasn't to excited and after last year when he wouldn't dress up at all I decided he needed to choose his own costume.  The weekend before trick-or-treating we went to a few costume stores to look for a Mickey costume but didn't love any we had found and so we decided to make our own.  everything was pretty easy to find except yellow shoes so we ended up getting yellow women socks and put them over his shoes.  I went a little overboard and and we colored his hair black and added black to his nose.

Trick-or-treating was so fun, and actually handing out candy was just as fun.  Adilene was not trilled with her costume and she wouldn't keep the hood on, thankfully it was just warm enough that she didn't need it.

Halloween actually was that Friday and the playgroup we go to had a big Halloween party and so the kids got to dress up again.  One of Blaiden's friends dressed up as Minnie Mouse but the ears and gloves didn't last long with all the playing so I didn't get a good picture of how cute they were together. 

This holiday did not disappoint and I know that each one is just going to get better.  The kids are at such a fun age and I am enjoying experiencing these fun time with them.  This was Adilene's last first holiday, its funny to think back to last year and how I thought I would be pregnant for another 6 weeks and it only turned out to be another week and a half.

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