November 30, 2014

Friday Morning Playgroup

Twice a month Adilene's therapists come out the house to work with her.  The program she is involved in is great and it has helped her so much.  About 6 months ago a playgroup was started through the program and it is held every Friday.  I was very excited because it meant that Blaiden could go somewhere and get some energy out.  It turns out he was just as excited as I was that we started going.  Adilene also has a pretty good time now that she is more mobile.  Each week there is a different theme and all kinds of things for kids to do.  The age range is 0 to 5 years old although most kids are 2 to 3 years old so Blaiden has tons of friends.

I have learned that Blaiden's favorite thing to do is glue.  He always goes for that craft first.  Lately there has been a snack at the end and it usually involves cookies.  Blaiden is trilled and is usually the first one sitting in his chair so he can get his snack.  Here are just a few pictures that I have taken at playgroup.

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