November 30, 2014

Entryway Updated

It looks like I have neglected this little blog this past month.  Lets hope December is a lot better.

Way back in October it was a nice weekend and I got the bug to update our entryway.  The outside of our house was needing a little help, the bushes were overtaking the garden beds and they house was looking dirty.  So with a little help from Blaiden and Adilene watching from her chair I got to work.  It took a total of about 3 days but I think it turned out great!  We got new lights (I let Fred hang those because I didn't want to chance getting shocked), new mailbox, painted the steps, trimmed all the bushes, and I got to make a new number sign I had found on pinterest and wanted to do for months.

I am not one of those professional bloggers that takes the most amazing before and after shots.  I usually forget the before and so its more of a middle and after, and they are never from the same place so you can't get the full affect but I love how it all turned out.

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