August 27, 2015

Father's Day

Father's Day - The day I get to celebrate the guy that gave me my 2 most perfect gifts!  Because of this guy I get to stay home with my kids everyday!  I don't have to worry about supplementing his income because he got a second job for us.  He spoils me, enough said, and our kids adore him!  I could not have asked to be married to a better man!

The kids and I let Fred sleep in because he doesn't get to most days.  The big plan was that Blaiden was going to take Fred to the movies.  Inside Out had came out and Blaiden was sure Fred wanted to go see it so he was set that what they were doing.  They even got to McDonald's for lunch before the movie (all of Blaiden's favorite things, I'm not sure he gets this whole gift giving thing yet).  They had a great time at the movies and while they were there Adilene and I wrapped a few other gifts and made him the lasagna he had requested for dinner.  After dinner Fred got to open his gifts so the kids could "help" him open them.   I think he had a pretty good day.

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