August 18, 2015

Zoo Trip

I have finally moved onto June, it's a miracle!  I am hoping to get all caught up in the next few weeks so be ready for post overload.

I am not sure how we scored tickets to this event but it was amazing.  Early in May I received an invitation to "Dream Night at the Akron Zoo" sponsored by Children's hospital.  I immediately sent in our RSVP the only bad part is that Fred was on call that weekend at Children's and so he wouldn't be able to go with us.  We were still recovering from our 20 day vacation to Colorado but I loaded up the kids even though we would have normally been settling down and getting ready for bed.  I wasn't really sure what we had signed up for but it turned out to be a private event after the Zoo closed.  There was a drum line at the entrance and we stayed and listened to them for quite a while.  There was also a helicopter, fire truck, and ambulance in the parking lot that we got to explore.

Inside we got to explore the entire zoo.  The kids had a wonderful time, we rode the carousel, watched the bats eat, and build a bird feeder.  One of the best parts of the night was when Blaiden spotted Spiderman!  He was standing in line to meet Batman which he was excited for but then he noticed Spiderman walking close by.  He started jumping up and down yelling "Mom look!"  We made sure that we got a picture with him.

Adilene had a wonderful time, that little girl loves animals! We didn't make it through the entire zoo before we had to leave because the kids were exhausted but I am so happy we went.  I hope we get invited again next year!

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