August 12, 2015

Colorado Part 2

Saturday - This was the 8th day of mine and the kids vacation but it was Fred's first.  He was flying in early and Casey was going to be at the airport to pick him up.  We decided to meet in Pueblo so Casey didn't have to go all the way to the valley.  I knew that being the car for hours would not be fun for the kids.  I had a hard time doing it but I let Blaiden stay with my parents while Adilene and I went to go pick up Fred.  Adilene still had a upset stomach and by the time we got to pueblo she was naked because she pooped though all of her clothes. Fred and Casey had stopped and got her a change of clothes.  When we finally made it back to the valley we went out to lunch with Margaret, after Fred stayed in town to go see buddy and I went to go pick up Blaiden.  He had the best day! He went to Hadley's soccer game and then a horse sale.  He was having a blast but I knew that he needed a nap so I made him come home with me.  That night I took the kids back into town to go out to dinner with Buddy and his family and to pick Fred up.  Blaiden was so happy to see his dad.

 Sunday - We got up early and went to Margaret's house to go and eat breakfast.  She was making the kids favorite foods and so Blaiden got chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and Adilene got some bacon.  The kids had a good time there because there were some kittens, cats, and dogs to play with.  Blaiden still talks about that one time he was at his Grandma's house and the kittens would "sssssss" at him.  Then we headed back to my parents to let the kids take a nap.  That night we had a big Larsen party in Sanford where Melissa made my favorite Thai food.  We had a great time with all of my side of the family and Blaiden was in heaven with so many kids around.  On the way home Fred was stopped for speeding and Blaiden will still tell him not to go 10 miles over!

Monday - Since this was our family vacation we decided to do some of the fun things in the Valley with the kids.  Everyone else was busy so we headed into town to see Fred's mom again and then went and picked up some food for a picnic lunch and headed to the Alligator Farm.  Fred and I hadn't been there in like 15 years and it was fun to see the kids reactions to all the animals.  For every alligator that Blaiden would see he would ask "but where are the big ones"?  That night we invited all of our families to go swimming at the pool with us.  Chera's family, Kella and her kids, Pixie, and Jed's family came and we had a great time! The kids love swimming and so it was a late night for us but defiantly worth it because we had so much fun. 

Tuesday - This was a relaxing day where we didn't do much.  The kids got to go for a little horse ride with G-pa.  That night Fred and I went out on a double date with Jed and Kaitlyn.  We invited Thad and Keely but they were busy.  All 4 grand kids were hanging out with G-ma and G-pa and I think they all had a great time.  When we got back Blaiden and Adilene were still awake, Blaiden had his finger nails painted, and him and Hadley were pretending they were getting ready to go to "prom." 

Wednesday - Today we went down to Sanford one last time to visit some of my family.  Fred decided that he was going to meet Casey and go up to Denver a night early so we dropped off the kids at my parents house to take a nap and we met Casey at the top of the pass.  I got back before the kids even woke up from their nap and then that night my mom and I took Blaiden, Adilene, and Hadley back down to Sanford to go see Grandma Great who had recently broke her back.

Thurday - Since Fred was already in Denver this was the our last day in the Valley with my family.  I spent the day at my parents doing laundry and packing up all of our things to get ready to leave on Friday.  That night we had dinner with Jed and his girls while Kaitlyn was working.  The kids had so much fun spending almost every night with their cousins.  

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