August 10, 2015

Colorado Part 1

Like our usual Colorado trips I think it would be best if I split up the posts about our visit.  I will start first with the kids and I before Fred got there.

I wasn't worried about our flight because it was at 5 AM and so I assumed that the kids would just nap the entire time.  This is definitly not what happened Blaiden stayed awake the entire time and Adilene only slept for about the last 20 minutes of the flight.  That being said it was a great flight, the kids did great and only got wiggly towards the end.  Blaiden played games, colored, and even got to watch some lady's kindle for a while.  Adilene moved around a lot and my arms were exhausted by the end of the flight.  My parents were there to pick us up and then we started toward the Valley.  We stopped in about every town on the way to do stuff so it took most of the day to get there but it was a fun day and we were so happy to be there.  It was also our first time at their new house (they moved in 8 days earlier) so we got to check out the new house and yard.
Saturday was just a hangout and relax day.  I like to have the first day be a little more relaxing so we can try and get the kids caught up and switched to Colorado time.  It was fun to just be with family, Hadley and Emerson came over and the kids quickly became best friends again.  I also got to help hang up pictures and decorate in the new house.

Sunday was Mother's Day, my dad always makes my mom a corsage and so he made me one today too.  It went perfect with my dress.  He also got me a bouquet of flowers.  We went to church, had a great dinner, and spent some more time with Jed and his family.

Monday was Memorial Day and so it was just another day of relaxing and hanging out at the house.  We also got a little bug and all three of us had thrown up the night before so we didn't have much energy to do stuff.  It never fails that we get sick when we go to Colorado and this time was no different, however this was one of the worst times.

Tuesday we headed into town to go and see Margaret at her office.  Casey was also in town so we got to see him.  Blaiden loved this because he was just at our house.  Blaiden also loved visiting his grandma and came out of the office with his arms full of goodies.  Adilene did pretty good and is starting to get over her stranger/separation anxiety.

Wednesday morning I had an appointment to get my hair cut, this was my Mother's Day present from my parents.  Then my mom and I decided to take the kids to the Great Sand Dunes Park.  It had snowed a ton the weekend before and so there was a ton of water that was melting but it was also freezing.  This was the kids first time there and they were both a bit nervous in the beginning but in the end I think they had fun.  Blaiden loved playing in the sand and I also had fun running though the cold water with him.  Adilene started crying when she was in the sand for the first time, she soon got over that and tried to eat it.  In the end she splashed around and loved feeling the difference between the dry and wet sand.  I love the pictures that we got because we are all in coats, playing in the water, there are snow capped mountains in the background, and we are all having the best time.  The kids napped the second they were buckled in their seats and so my mom and I drove around and explored the park.  It was a great day.

That evening Granny said she couldn't handle it anymore and had to come up and see us.  She brought over dinner and played with the kids.  It was so sweet of her to drive all that way to see us and I know the kids love any attention they get.

Thursday and Friday consisted of a practice dance recital of Hadley's, visiting Margaret, playing with cousins, a trip to Sanford, and a few other things I am sure I am forgetting but that is what happens when I wait 3 months to blog about it.  

Fred flew in on Saturday and so I will pick up there next time.

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