July 2, 2015

Casey Comes to Visit

A week before the kids and I were leaving to Colorado Fred had got some tickets to the Garth Brooks concert.  It was about 4 hours away from our house and I was not ready to leave the kids over night again so Fred's brother Casey came into town to go to the concert with him.  He was here for a few days and although we didn't do much it was so fun to have him here with us.  He is so sweet to the kids and Blaiden just loves playing with him.  They got to work on Fred's truck together and Blaiden still talks about that "time when Casey was here and we worked on Dad's truck."

Fred and Casey had great seats and a great time at the concert.  I think he was happy he got to go and of course happy to see the kids.  He even got to stay a day longer then he thought due to his flight getting delayed.  We were sad to see him go but we knew that we would get to see him in a few days.

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