August 17, 2015

Phillips and Felisha's Wedding

This is the last few days of our trip back in Colorado and it was totally dedicated to Phillip and Felisha's wedding! Thinking back I had the days mixed up and we left on Thursday up to Fort Collins!

Thursday - The kids and I were riding up to Fort Collins with Robert and being the sweet man he is he came and picked us up at my parents house.  I think he was a little surprised at the amount of luggage we had since it was 2 car seats, 5 large suitcases, a few small bags, and my pump!  I have to admit I was a little embarrassed when we were loading up the truck.  The drive up there was great the kids did so well and minus a little traffic it wasn't bad getting to Fort Collins.  That night all the girls went to the Bridal shower and with the kids in tow.  They had a great time and Blaiden was a hit with all the girls.  It was the first time a lot of the Korpi's got to see us this trip and so they were all so excited to see the kids and Blaiden loved all of the attention.  Adilene had a good time but she never strayed too far away from me.

Friday - Let me start with the night after the bridal shower, Blaiden did not eat well the entire day and ended the night eating chocolate cake at the shower. I am not sure if he had an actual meal the entire day.  This is very different from our usual diet when we are in Ohio and so that night he slept with me in the hotel room and he had a horrible night.  I got a little grouchy at him and tried to just roll over so he would finally go to sleep.  The sweet little boy tapped my shoulder and said "Mom my tummy really hurts," then immediately puked all over our sheets!  Talk about a bad Mommy moment.  After the clean up he felt much better and we ended up sleeping on the pull out couch (which was Blaiden's bed for the trip).  That morning I decided we needed to get the kids some food that was a little better for them.  Fred's aunts Linda and Liz took us to a target where we could get a few things that would fill our tummies and be more nutritious then chocolate cake.  We also go a little spoiled and came out with a cart full of toys, clothes, bows, and even a curling iron for me as gifts! What a sweet family we have!  That night we went to the rehearsal dinner at Felisha's parents house.  Another funny story is that Adilene also had some major tummy troubles and was having explosive diapers about 3 times a day.  On the way to the dinner happened to be one of those times.  I managed to save her dress but her tights were another story so she was half naked the entire night!

Saturday - This was the day of the WEDDING!  Honestly, I love weddings as long as I am not the bride!  It is so fun to see everyone so excited for such a special day.  For us it was pretty relaxed we didn't have much going on.  Fred was gone most of the morning doing different errands and picking up his vest which was wrong the day before. The kids and I made the rounds to all the family in the hotel like we had been doing everyday.  When it was time for all the boys to get ready they came to our room.  I took pictures of all of them and then sent them on their way.  The kids took a pretty good nap and then it was time to get ready and go to the wedding.  It was an outdoor wedding and it was a little rainy and windy but the "show must go on" as they say.  The kids did great minus when Blaiden started pulling the wagon and Adilene fell over.  It was a beautiful wedding and the weather cleared up to take some pictures after it was over.  The reception was so fun and the food was great.  Blaiden and Adilene had a blast dancing all night long, and I think they got their picture taken more the the bride and groom.

Sunday - A bug went around and a lot of the family was felling the effects after staying up way to late the night before.  It was a very relaxed morning and then it was time to say goodbye to everyone.  Robert took us to a hotel close by the airport so we could catch our flight home the next morning.  When we got there we took the kids swimming in the pool, then went and ate some dinner.  It was a pretty relaxing day.

Monday - Time to come home!  It was actually the first flight that Fred was taking with me and the kids and so I thought it went great only having to watch one kid.  We got all of our luggage and had a pretty hard time fitting it all in the car but we finally made it home!  It was a wonderful trip, but also a very long trip for the kids and I.  We were so happy to be home and sleep in our own beds again.

See you next time Colorado!

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