April 22, 2015

Feeding the Birds

Our playgroup had a field trip at the end of March.  We got to go on a nature walk, explore a greenhouse, and attempt to feed some birds.  Blaiden was very excited about this because he really loves birds. 

The day was a little cold and it was a muddy walk but Blaiden had fun and Adilene stayed warm so it all worked out.  We started out our day in a greenhouse filled with plants from all over the world.  I found this more interesting then the kids.  Blaiden had fun because he got to feed some turtles and drive the remote control train.  Adilene tried to grab every plant we walked by.

Then it was time to take a little walk to go feed some birds.  This was by far Blaiden's favorite part, he splashed in the puddles, dug in the dirt, and played with sticks the entire way.  I had to carry Adilene because I forgot the stroller but I don't think she minded because she was going through some pretty bad separation anxiety where if she couldn't see me then she was scared. 

When it was time to feed the birds we were all supposed to be very quiet and still.  Something that is pretty difficult for kids ages 1-3, so needless to say we didn't feed any birds.  We all had a great time but it was cut short by Blaiden needing to use the potty so we had to rush back down the trail.  Just before we left we got to see 2 bunnies!

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