April 3, 2015

Fred's Birthday

Every year I want to have a party, decorate, make a cake, and have gifts for Fred to open and every year I have to fight the urge because Fred doesn't want any of that.  He Doesn't want to be the reason for a party or be the center of attention.  So this year was no different then any other year, I made the same thing I usually do and we spent the night at home as a family.

Blaiden was a little concerned that we didn't have any decorations up because that is what you do for birthdays so we had to work on that.  We decided that we would decorate the house in Bronco's or as Blaiden says "football!"  Fred laughed at me when he came home but when I told him that it was Blaiden's idea he was all for it.  Fred opened his gifts first thing when he got home.  He is worse then a child about waiting to open presents.  Overall I think he had a good birthday.

Because it is his birthday and this is a post all about Fred I wanted to just talk about this amazing man that is in our lives!  He is a wonderful father, the kids really can't get enough of him!  Blaiden will remember EVERY single detail that Fred tells him.  I'll ask him something and he response is "well dad says..."  Even when Blaiden was a baby many of his "firsts" happened when it was just him and Fred.  Adilene is definitely a mommy's girl right now but I can already see her starting to show off when her dad is around.  The first time she sat up was for him and I'm sure that wont be the last thing she does to impress her father.

Fred works so hard for our family.  Being a resident is a hard job, the hours are long and different every day, there is stress, and even when he is off he is either talking or reading ortho!  On top of this he also started working at a stat care to earn a little extra money for our family.  This keeps his busy about 2 nights a week but there are times it could be 4 nights in one week.  Once you stack that on top of call nights he could work a week straight!

On those rare nights or weekends off he is busy making our home a little nicer.  He has already completed our basement remodel and did all of the work himself and now he has moved on the kitchen!  I didn't know I married a man that was so talented in construction.

I know that I don't say this enough to him but I appreciate everything he does for our family.  He works extra hard so that I can stay home and don't have to worry about money.  He shows his love to us everyday weather it be when he brings home a snack for Blaiden, helps Adilene learn how to walk, or takes me on crazy amazing trips!

We love you very much Fred!

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