April 13, 2015


We have a long list of things that we want to do to our home.  We were finally ready to take on another project but Fred and I had different ideas of what we should do next.  I thought the bathroom was a good next project because it wouldn't be too hard or expensive it only needed a little updating.  I also knew that it would be something we could get done in a weekend.  Fred had some different ideas and wanted to jump into a huge renovation, our kitchen.  He talked me into letting him take a small piece of drywall off just to see if the wall separating the kitchen was load baring or not.  Somehow this little hole became rather large and every time I was in the kitchen it was all I could look at.  I told Fred it had to go because I couldn't stand to look at just a hole anymore.

So throughout the week every night Fred would do a little more work.  When he was finished I pretty excited because now our house is so much brighter and more open.  We are by no means close to finished with this project and probably won't be for another 6 months but the wall is gone and we have patched the carpet.  I still can't say I think it was the right next project but I will love it when we are finished.

All of these pictures were taken with my cell phone and I can never remember to take one when the sun is not shining right through the window.  Here is one of the best after shots I have taken.  Please ignore the messy counter top.  And we also are using a folding table to test out where we want to put our island, classy I know.

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