April 14, 2015

St. Patrickts Day

This little holiday was really just another day for us.  I didn't have anything special planned except to put the kids in green clothes.  Blaiden is really getting into picking out his own clothes and he knows what he likes.  I had to go to the craft store and so I let Blaiden pick out a little toy.  He picked a shamrock on a stick and said it was his magic wand, he is so funny!  He played with it for the ride home and then was over it.  When we got home I took some pictures of the kids and Adilene was loving the "magic wand" so I got some really cute pictures of her.

Later in the afternoon I surprised Blaiden and told him we could go get some ice cream.  He was so exited because I told him he could get some with M&M's in it!  It was a fun day.  I am excited for the next few years when I can make all their food green!

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