April 9, 2015

Leaps and Bounds

February was a HUGE month for Adilene!  In this short month Adilene's development seemed to be on fast forward and it seemed like she was doing something new every day.  It all started on January 31 with her learning how to sit up! It's like she just decided to do and she could.  This then lead to her learning how to get in and out of sitting! Because she could now hold her body up and not just fold over when I sat her up she got to finally get out of her baby bathtub and use the big bathtub.  I have never seen this girl so happy!  She would crawl to the back of the tub do superman and slide back to the other side and repeat.  She was all giggles and it was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen!

She didn't stop as sitting, she also started pulling herself up on things.  It started with low objects like her little chair or stool but then she moved onto the coffee table and couch.  I also brought down a standing table toy and she loves to pull up on that as well.  Getting down is the hardest part for her and she hasn't mastered it yet, she gets stuck quite often.  She has also fallen a few times and so she usually has a bruise somewhere.  She also learned how to wave so whenever you say "bye-bye" to her she will wave to you!

She also got 6 new teeth this month which brings her total to 10 teeth!  Now that she can chew up food a lot better she is completely on table food and loving it.  Since she is eating so well she went down to 4 bottles a day.

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