May 27, 2014

Mother's Day

Every Mother's Day just gets better and better.  The kids woke up about the same time as always and we started our day out like any other.  Fred got up a little later and had Blaiden give me my gift.  Fred had to go to his truck to get it and when he went outside we found out that Fedex had dropped off some Sherry's Berries (thanks Larry and Tonja) late on Saturday night that we didn't know about.  Blaiden got a little distracted by that and so we had to open those first and he helped me eat a few.  Then I opened the gift from Fred and the kids.  It was another charm for my Pandora bracelet, this year it was a charm with Adilene's birthstone.  I love it so much!  The rest of the day was spent together as a family, we grilled out, played outside, and enjoyed the nice weather.  It was a great day.  Being a Mom is the best thing I could have ever done!

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