May 7, 2014


Blaiden is a character and he makes us laugh on a daily basis.  In the past few months there have been a few stories that I want to remember so I thought I should write them down.  I think that Blaiden will like to read these in the future.

First a few months back we had some plumbers come into the house to do some work in the basement.  Long story short they didn't ventilate like they should and our carbon monoxide alarm went off in the house.  We had to call the fire department and were stuck outside for about 3 hours.  In that time Blaiden was playing around in the sun room where we have been trying to catch a mouse that had been in there all winter.  Fred and I were talking to a fireman in the garage when we hear Blaiden start to cry.  We ran into the sun room and found him standing next to a tripped mouse trap.  He must have quick reflexes because he only got a scrape on his thumb.  It scared us so much we went around and tripped all the other traps we had around the room.

Blaiden has started to love to be in the kitchen with me while I cook and do dishes.  It started when we brought Adilene home.  I would be in the kitchen several times a day cleaning the bottles and my pumping supplies.  I think Blaiden saw this opportunity for him to "help" and spend time with mommy.  How could I say no to him wanting to be around me and help take care of his new baby sister.  I had gotten some castiron skillets for Christmas and was trying to get one skillet really seasoned.  I had it in the oven so every time I preheated it would heat the pan.  Once I was ready to put dinner in the oven I would take out the pan.  One day Blaiden thought it would be a good idea to grab the skillet I just pulled out of the oven.  Of course he burnt his hand.  I have learned that I am not very calm when it comes to my own kids because I grabbed him and came running into the living room yelling "he burnt his hand, he burnt his hand!!"  I could hardly remember what hand he burnt when Fred asked me.  Again his reflexes (and mine) saved him and he only had a small burn.  He still remembers the incidence and so I have to say I am thankful that it happened. It has helped him learn a very valuable lesson.

One morning Blaiden, Adilene, and I were doing what we do every morning.  Blaiden was eating breakfast, he had requested peanuts that day, I was feeding Adilene and cartoons were on.  Just as I was getting done feeding Adilene Blaiden gets off the couch and stands right in front of me and says "Mom me peanut nose."  I put Adilene down and looked up his nose and sure enough there was a peanut right there.  I tried to push it out but Blaiden said it hurt.  I knew that Fred was on his way home so I called him to see what I should do.  He said he would be home soon and could get it out.  Looking back I should have tried harder to get it out because he sneezed and instead of it coming out it got sucked up farther into his nose.  Fred came home and he got to work.  It took about 15 minutes but Fred finally got it and there was only a little blood.  Blaiden still jokes and pretends to put things in his nose.  I think he likes the reaction I give him because then he starts laughing showing that he didn't really put it in his nose.  I am not sure I like that joke.

Blaiden is a climber.  We have known this for quite a while, he wants to see what he can get into and he wants to be independent so I have found him in quite a few precarious situations.  We have a half wall that is about 4 feet tall around the stairs going into the basement.  We have had to move everything away from the wall because we are worried that he will fall over the wall.  The other morning I was feeding Adilene on the couch and from the kitchen I hear "Mom, Mom, Mom!"  I told him to come here but he just kept yelling so I went in there and he is just sitting on the counter and couldn't get down.  He has learned how to get down now.  Later that week i found him on top of his dresser playing with his humidifier.  He has now became a pro at climbing his dresser and one of his favorite things to do is put money in his pig.


  1. What a cute boy. I love that he tries to get a reaction out of you with the nose thing. Funny kid.