April 27, 2014

A boy and his dog

We adopted Kiara the same day I found out I was pregnant.  Fred used my emotional state to convince me that we needed a dog, that the baby needed a dog.  I still can't believe that I said yes but there is no denying how much Blaiden loves having this dog around. Kiara's favorite person is Fred but Blaiden comes in as a close second.  His favorite game is chasing her around the house with a bat.  He tries to hit her and thinks it is hilarious when he scares her.  She acts like she enjoys this for a while and then we have to put an end to the game because she looks terrified and her tail is tucked under.  I am sure that they will be friends for as long as she is alive.  Fred is already worried about what we are going to do when she gets old and dies. 

Kiara and Blaiden meeting for the first time. / Kiara's look when Blaiden was crying at home for the first time.

As both of them get older they are becoming better friends and recently they have really been having a good time together.  I know now that I can not get rid of this dog, she is here to stay. Fred has Blaiden trying to talk me into a second dog so Adilene can have one but I am not falling for that one again.

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