April 13, 2014

Adilene is 5 Months old

Five Months Old

My Appearance:  I am l little over 15 pounds (I was exactly 15 pounds a week before).  I am 24 ½ inches long and growing everyday.  My hair is starting to grow a little bit more and is looking blonde, although a few people say it looks red sometimes.  I have finally rubbed a bald spot on the back of my head.  My eyebrows are very blonde and so you can’t really see those either.  My eyes are still blue but they have gotten a lot lighter then they were last month.  I have a very round belly and rolls everywhere.  My legs and arms have about 3 rolls a piece.  I am starting to grow out of my 3 month clothes but it is still a little cold here so Mommy says no more growing until it gets warm so I can start wearing my summer clothes that are all 6 month clothes. 

Milestones:  This was a month of just practicing all that I have learned.  I smile and laugh all the time.  I practice holding my head up and sitting up (with support) every day.  I am also starting to put a little more weight on my legs.  When I get tired of doing all this work I cry and arch my back so Mommy knows I am done working out for a while.  I love watching Blaiden and that is something I never get tired of but I think he gets tired of entertaining me because he only does it for a few minutes at a time.    

Daily Routine:  My routine is pretty consistent these days, I wake up around 7 eat 5 times and take 3 naps before I got to bed around 8 and sleep all night long.  I got to go outside and play a little for the first time and I really enjoyed that.  I am taking all my naps in my crib now and it makes me sleep so much better. 

Special Events:  The biggest thing that happened this month is I got to meet my Grandma and my uncles Casey and Phillip.  They came and spent a few days with me and my family and we had the best time.  I got to celebrate my first St. Patrick’s Day and wore a very cute outfit.  Also just after my 4 month birthday I got to move into my room full time.  Daddy and Mommy finally got some construction done in the basement so I could finally sleep in there full time. 

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