May 9, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter weekend was one that I enjoyed so much.  It started on Friday when we died eggs.  I was watching a 7 year old boy that Blaiden loves and so I thought it would be fun to do together.  I knew that it was going to be messy so I laid out a ton of newspaper.  I also knew that Blaiden would do whatever he wanted and we wouldn't have the most beautiful eggs and I was okay with that.  The 7 year old however was not. It was so funny because he was getting very stressed when Blaiden would use his hands to get the egg out of the dye or go from one color to the next so I gave him a few eggs that Blaiden couldn't touch.  I had to keep saying there are no rules Blaiden can decorate however he wants.  Blaiden had a blast and was very disappointed when all the eggs were colored.  Later that night we did some practice egg hunts.  Blaiden was a pro by the end and I was sure that he was going to do great at the eggs hunts we were going to on Saturday.

Saturday morning we all got ready to go and met up with some other friends for our first Easter egg hunt.  We did a few fun things like take a picture with the Easter bunny, sit in a fire truck, and got his face painted.  When it was time for the egg hunt he was in the 0-2 age group.  They has a small area marked off and there were a ton of eggs just laying on the ground.  When they blew the whistle to go Blaiden just took off and ran into the middle of the field, when he noticed there were eggs he tried to stop but his momentum carried him forward and he did a summer-sault.  Then he started picking up as many eggs as he could, after it was over (about 60 seconds after it started) Blaiden went around and picked up all the half eggs that were lying around.  Adilene hung out in the stroller for most of the time.  I think she enjoyed being outside. 

We waited around for a few hours and then went to another egg hunt.  This time the age group was 0-6 and there were 15,000 eggs all laying  around.  Blaiden knew what to do this time and when we said go he started picking up eggs left and right.  This one lasted a little bit longer then the first one.  Adilene slept most of this egg hunt and we didn't stay long after it was over.  We finally were home for the day, we had way to much candy, and 2 grouchy kids by 7PM because they didn't have very good naps.  Overall it was a fantastic day, we all had fun.

Easter morning Blaiden slept in a little while because he was so tired from yesterday.  Both the kids woke up at the same time so Adilene got to join in on the fun.  When I went in to get Blaiden we were talking and all the sudden he said "Easter bunny!"  He was so excited to see the eggs he brought.  When he walked into the living room he found his basket and dug through it, then went through Adilene's showing her what she got.  I was trying to get him to go find the eggs but he took his time.  He would find one, open it up, go do something else and then find another one later.  The whole precess took about an hour.  We had a great day as a family.  Every holiday is getting more and more fun, I love that Blaiden is understanding more of what is going on.

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