May 9, 2014

Half a year Already!

Six Months Old

My Appearance:  I am now 25 3/4 (38%) inches tall and weigh 16lbs 13oz (60%), my head circomference is 16 1/4 (14%) inches.  My head is still a little small and so not many of my headbands fit.  My hair is growing but you still can’t really see it.  I have rubbed a bald spot on the back last month but now it has grown to the sides a little so it looks a lot bigger now.  My eyes are still blue they are getting lighter and brighter.  I don’t have any teeth yet but I stick my hands in my mouth all the time so they might be coming soon.  I still have all my rolls.  When my arms are bent Mommy said she counted 7 creases.  I have a big round belly and my legs have just as many rolls as my arms.  My personality is coming out more as I get older and I am showing everyone that I am laid back.  I don’t get upset very often and there is not much that makes me cry, even when my brother accidentally 
hits me.

Milestones:  At the beginning of the month I started to roll over from my back to my belly.  In the past month I have become a pro at this and now whenever I am on my back I roll right over to be on my belly.  I haven’t done this in bed yet because every night when Mommy puts me to bed she asks me to stay on my back, I guess Ill listen to her for a little while longer.  I am also getting a lot stronger.  My head control is getting better and I am working on sitting (with support).  I am also trying to move around.  It takes a lot of work and some time but I can turn myself around while I am on my belly.  I have also started to grab things.  When Mommy is holding my I always can get some hair and I don’t like to let go.      

Daily Routine:  My schedule has not changed that much in the past month.  I sleep all night long, get up around 7 and go to bed around 8.  During the day I eat 5 times and take 3 naps.  My afternoon nap is the longest at around 2 hours.  When I am awake I like to play on the floor.  I have been going outside more and am starting to enjoy it a bit more; I still don’t like the wind.  About 30 minutes before I got to bed I get very giggly.  Mommy and Daddy tickle me and make me laugh so hard.  This makes them laugh and it is my favorite time of the day.

Special Events:  I celebrated my first Easter holiday this month.  I didn’t do much to celebrate but I had fun watching Blaiden do stuff.  We had a great time as a family. 

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