January 23, 2016

Adilene Phase 2

Adilene has started phase 2 of her treatment.  This phase will last about 8-10 weeks.  Right now we go into the hospital 1 day a week and she receives several medications then a nurse comes out the house and gives her an injection 3 days a week.  She also takes medications morning and night.  The hard part Fred and I are finding is that her schedule has to be exact and it took a few days to figure that out. 

We got results back from her last bone marrow biopsy and it showed 0 cancer cells!!!  This was kind of expected considering how well she responded to the treatment but it was also very exciting to hear that 0. 

Last Wednesday was our first day in this phase and we ended up bring at the hospital for 8 hours!  I was not expecting this and so I was very unprepared with no lunch, running our of diapers, and needing a change of clothes for Adilene because she peed all over her pants.  Now I know what our days will be like and hopefully will be more prepared in the coming weeks.

Adilene lost a lot of strength while she was intubated.  When we left the hospital she couldn't even sit up on her own. Now she can sit, pull to standing, stand while holding on to something, and take a couple of steps while holding your hands.  She has started signing again and is even using 2 signs together to make a sentence.  She is getting stronger everyday and with that she is getting happier everyday.

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  1. That is so great! I love how resilient kids are. You should post a video of her signing!