October 5, 2016


Well hello my little space of the internet world, it seems like I have been neglecting you for quite a while and I am a little sad about it.  This is a significant time in our life and I would really like to remember the little moments that helped our family get through this time.  And more importantly how amazing our little girl really is!  I am going to try and think back to the previously months and do a small recap with a few photos until I can catch up and then I'll get back to my regular writing schedule. 

April was a pretty good month! Adilene stayed well enough most of the month.  She was in the hospital to start the month and end the month.  We were stuck in the house most of our time at home but that's better then being in the hospital.  We took Blaiden out of school this month, He was a little sad but I was happy to have him home with me more.

Blaiden also started soccer this month.  He is that cutest little thing out there.  Fred and I both thought that he was so athletic for his age but I think we were blinded by love.  He needs tons of practice and he doesn't really try out there.  He likes to stand by the coach when he is supposed to be playing.  He says he likes it and he does have a competive spirit because he is sad when the game is over and he doesn't score a goal, most of the time he is lucky if he even gets to kick the ball. 

My mom got to make a trip out this month, it was only a few short days but it was nice to see her.

One day while Fred was home with Blaiden they went out and flew a kite.  It's the little things like that, that make it hard to be separated.  Fred and I both miss out of these little moments with the other child and while it is a great bonding experience I know Fred and I would rather have it be a family experience. 

One fun thing we did do as a family was teach the kids how to play "Duck, Duck, Goose."  They both had a good time and Blaiden asks to play the game often.

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  1. That kissy face of hers is adorable! I love kid soccer; it's like herding sheep, lol.