July 27, 2016

February & March

The last half of February was pretty fun. Thad was in Columbus one weekend driving his truck and Adilene was able to leave the house so we went down to the zoo and got to hang out with him all day.  The weather was so nice that weekend we even grilled out for dinner. 

 Fred would also be very upset if I didn't add that the Broncos won the Superbowl!  I had 3 very excited people in the house that night.

Adilene only had the one fever this month so we were only in the hospital for 6 days!  We did have lots of home care visits and she was on fluids during the night most of the month but at least we were home. 

Valentines day was pretty low key but I did make plenty of heart shaped meals.

March was a month full of hospital stays.  We were there a total of 17 days because of inpatient chemo, fevers, and mouth sores. When we were home we couldn't really leave the house so it was lots of indoor games.  The exciting thing is Adilene started walking again this month!  It only took about 7 weeks for her to gain her strength back from being intubated in the PICU.  Her therapist said that it would take about 12 weeks, Way to go Adilene! She also got glasses, getting her to wear them is whole other thing.

There was lots of celebrating this month.  St. Patrick's Day was really fun with the kids.  I made as much green food as I could.  Blaiden was a little nervous at first and wouldn't drink his green milk but he finally got into it.  He ate so much green food that he was a little worried the next day when his poop was green (TMI alert!)  Then Fred and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary by going out to dinner and a movie.  Easter was at the end of the month and we happened to be in the hospital for it. The day before Fred and Blaiden brought up eggs to the hospital so we could die them. Fred and Blaiden stayed home that night and woke up to Easter baskets and hunted for eggs before coming to visit Adilene and myself.  A friend had made us dinner a few days before and we didn't get to eat it because we had to rush to the hospital and so we got to enjoy it for Easter dinner!

 I had been missing time with Blaiden and so on the last day of the month I told Blaiden that we could have a "Party all night, night."  We made cookies, played with legos and candyland, and watched movies until about 2am.  I was exhausted the next day when we had to go back to the hospital but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Blaiden had a great time and can not wait until our next "party all night, night!"

That sums up those 2 months, hopefully I can get done with the next update soon. 

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