July 7, 2016

Adilene's Army

I am going to try and post some monthly updates to get caught up through July but I'm gonna jump ahead a little and thank some our family for the support they are showing Adilene. 

First, I have 3 cousins who made some bracelets that said "Adilene Strong." They sold them at local schools and I was amazed at the amount of support people showed.  There are about 500 Adilene Strong bracelets around right now and that makes me feel so good. 

Now, 2 other cousins that I have asked if they could have a race to honor Adilene and bring awareness to childhood cancer.  They are holding a race with the theme "together we are stronger."  That is the perfect phrase for any family with a child who is battling cancer.  It takes the love and support of many to help in the fight.

This is the link to the Facebook group where you can get more information on the race.  They have worked so hard to make this event a success and the more this event gets recognized then the more support we are showing to all the families dealing with childhood cancer and the more blessed we feel for the support shown to our family and especially Adilene!

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