April 25, 2017


Easter was a little different for us this year, but it wouldn't take much to beat last year. The week before we died Easter eggs and the kids were so in to it this year we had a great time.  I thought 18 eggs would be plenty but I was wishing I had a couple dozen more because the kids were loving it so much. 

 Fred was on call on Saturday and so when the kids got out of school on Thursday we headed for Columbus to spend some time with him.  When we got there we asked Blaiden what he wanted to do and his idea was ice cream so we set out to find some.  We just drove around a little trying to get to know the city will be calling home next summer and found a great local homemade shop.  The kids had tons of fun choosing their flavor and taste testing others.  Adilene didn't end up eating much she was more excited about running around the shop, it was a good thing we were the only ones in there at the time.

After we had our ice cream we knew that the kids would need to run off that sugar off and we didn't want that to happen in the hotel room so we tried to go to the botanical gardens but they were closing soon.  Right next to them there was a community garden with beautiful flowers and so the kids ran all around there and we got to see a ton of tulips which I loved. 

 The next day Fred had to go to work but he would be done early. The kids and I went down to the pool and did some swimming early that morning.  When we got back to the room the kids took a bath and then took an early nap.  Fred got back and we went to go get a bite to eat and headed to the zoo.  The kids had fun and it was a very hot day so we were happy that we were only there for the afternoon. 

Blaiden is about to touch a snake!

When we got back to the room the Easter Bunny had came and filled the kids the baskets!  They loved everything they got and Blaiden was so happy the Easter Bunny got the letter he had left saying that we would be in Daddy's hotel.  Saturday Went into work early and so when the kids woke up we headed back home. 

Easter morning the kids had gifts from their grandparents to open and the Easter Bunny came by again to hide eggs for the kids.  Overall they had a great time and I was so happy we got to have so much family time together.  I also think that with things spread out the kids had and even better time. 

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