April 18, 2017


March was a great month.  Even though we had just went out to Colorado my mom already had a trip planned so she came out the first weekend of the month.  It was so fun because she got to stay a full week rather then her short 3 day trip she usually has.  Fred and I got to go out the movies and then the kids and I took her our drive through safari.  We also made 2 trips to the dollar theater, once with everyone we went to see Moana and then Blaiden and G-ma went to Monster Trucks the next day.  We had a great time with her here.  She also helped me complete a few projects in the house and I am happy to say that after about a year and a half our kitchen ceiling is finally finished and the fan is back up!

Just a few days after my mom left Fred's mom came into town. It was so fun because Fred was off for a few days while his mom was here and so we all hung out together.  Fred and I went on 2 dates one was to Sams Club, because we are cool like that, and the other was out to dinner for our 8th wedding anniversary.  We didn't do a ton out of the house because it was also the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament.  It was fun to just be home and Margaret got to spend a ton of time with the kids.  We did make a trip to JC Penny's so the kids could pick out an Easter gift from grandma.  Adilene picked a huge Maui doll from Moana that sings and loves it.  Blaiden picked a Mickey Mouse Roadster Racer and had to sleep with it for over a week.  They both still play with their toys daily.  Soon it was time for grandma to go home, but it was so great having her come visit.  I got to brag on Fred and show off all the work he has done in our house since the last time she was here.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day by wearing green and eating as much green food as we could.  The kids looked so cute going to school.  Fred also taught Blaiden how to play Mario on the wii and now Blaiden is obsessed.  He loves to play and asks all the time if he can play. 

The next week the kids were on spring break.  The weather was cold and rainy for most of the week and so we couldn't do much but we still had a good time, and had a few playdates with friends.  On the nice days Fred set up the swing set my parents got the kids for Christmas.  The kids were so excited and even helped out a little.  And just like that the month was over.

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