February 21, 2012

Ukki and Tonka Visit

For the last 5 days Fred's dad Larry and his wife Tonja have been here to spend some time with Blaiden.  We have had a great time with them here and Blaiden is feeling the love.  Our days still consist of feedings and sleeping but there are a few times when he will be awake for an hour or so.  We went on our first outing to a restaurant (IHOP) and Blaiden did very well.

Ukki holding Blaiden for the first time. (Ukki is Finnish for Grandpa)

Larry and Tonja with Blaiden

Larry decided that he was going to get a tattoo of Blaiden's name and birthday while he was here.  This is his first tattoo and he said he wants all of his grand kid's names on there. 

Tonja approves.

On the last night of their visit we went shopping and they got Blaiden a swing.  He loves to listen to the music and I am sure he will spend some time in there the next few months.

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  1. Oh my, what a committeed Grandpa, that's awesome!