November 6, 2012

Long Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we all went down to Cincinnati.  Fred wanted to go to the Bronco's game and he couldn't find anyone to go with him so he convinced me that we needed a little family getaway.  So we loaded up the car and made the 4 hour trip to Cincy.  We even took Kiara with us.  We left early Saturday morning during Blaiden's first nap.  We wanted to go to the aquarium and show Blaiden all of the fish.  He had a great time and he was actually interested in what we were doing this time compared to when we went to the St. Louis Zoo

After the aquarium we went to eat at a grilled cheese and tomato soup place.  We love this meal at home and it was even better at this restaurant.  Blaiden also approved with lunch.

On Sunday Fred went to the Bronco's game.  We took him down and walked around the stadium for a little while before we parted ways.  While at the game Fred met up with an old coach/teacher/friend from Colorado and watched part of the game with him.  Blaiden and I met up with them after the game was over and we all had dinner together.  It was great to see him, and Blaiden was very friendly, which Coach Geiser loved.

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