June 14, 2012

Who Says...

Who says you can't be spontaneous after you have a baby.  Fred has been gone for 3 weeks and all of us were missing each other a ton, but after Fred and I talked about it we decided that a 9 hour drive was just to hard for me to do alone with Blaiden.  Then I was talking to a few people and at 11 AM on Thursday I decided that I would leave after Blaiden woke up in the middle of the night to eat. 
So at 3:30 AM I left Massillon and headed for St. Louis.  It took us a little bit longer then it would have normally but we had a pretty good trip on the way down.  We stopped at a few rest stops and got out and played on the grass.  When we got to St. Louis we had a really good time hanging out.
We got to stay with some friends that have a 3 year old who Blaiden loved to watch.  It was so good to see Fred and I know Fred loved seeing Blaiden.  On Saturday we went to the zoo and had a great time.  Blaiden didn't really care what was going on but Fred got him a monkey named Joe who he loves.

Laney and Blaiden at the Zoo

It was a long day and Blaiden was wore out by the end of it.
Our ride home was a little bit harder than the ride out there but we made it home.  Now we have 2 more weeks until Fred is home and we can not wait.

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