June 25, 2012

Wow I am getting old!

Five Months Old

My Appearance:  Yesterday was my five month birthday!  I was weighed today and I am now 16lbs 14 oz and I am 26.5 inches long.  My hair is getting longer and it is a light brown color although in the sun it looks a little red.  I also have some curls around my ears and so my hair always looks crazy.  I also have a very large bald spot on the back of my head.  I got my first tooth this month and today I got my second tooth.  I still only have blonde hair for eyebrows.  I look a little chunky with my double chin and rolls all over my body. 

Milestones:  This month I have done quite a few new things.  First on May 29th I rolled over from my back to my belly.  Now I spend most of my time on my belly.  Throughout the month I also went from high pitch screaming to a low tone babble.    On June 19 I got my first tooth.  I am so tough that Mommy didn’t even know I was getting it until it was already poking through.  Then a few nights later on June 21 I decided to not wake up in the night to eat and slept for 12 hours straight.  Today, a day after my 5 month birthday I got my second tooth.

Daily Routine:  My routine has changed a little this month.  At first I woke up at about 6:30, ate at 7:30 and every 3 hours after that, my naps were only 30-45 min and I took about 4 naps a day, went to bed at 8, and woke up usually around 3:30 to eat in the middle of the night.  The past week it has changed to getting up around 7 and eating, I take my first nap around 8:30 for about an hour, then get up and eat.  I go down for my second nap around 12:30 and this nap lasts about 2 hours.  I get up and eat, play, and then go down for a short nap at about 4:45 for 20-30 minutes.  When I get up I eat again, play, and eat right before bed at about 7:30.  During all my play time I like to stand up a lot.  I got a new toy this month that helps me do that and I love to play in it.  I also like to sit in my Bumbo and watch Mommy cook.  I like to grab at everything and then it goes straight into my mouth.  I got Tylenol and Origel this month and I do not like that nasty stuff.

Special Events:  I had to spend almost this entire month without my Daddy around.  I love spending time with Mommy but my Daddy is just so funny I missed laughing at him.  Mommy and I did take a long drive to go and visit him this month and that was really fun.  We all went to the St. Louis Zoo where I got to see a ton of animals.  Daddy got me a monkey named Joe and he is one of my favorite toys to play with.  I love to spend time outside and I got to do a lot of that this month too.  I go swimming, take Kiara to the dog park, and go on runs with Mommy.  I also got to celebrate Father’s day with Daddy a week late when he came home.  

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