June 1, 2012

Pool Time

On Memorial day Blaiden and I went to my friend Amy's apartment complex and played in the pool.  I was very excited to see if Blaiden liked to be in the water or not.  Fred and I both love the water and so we want our kids to like it too.  The best thing to do is start them off early so they are not afraid of the water.  So I was very excited walking to the pool carrying 2 bags and a car seat.  It still amazes me how much stuff a little baby needs.  Anyway, when we first got there he was sleeping so I got to lay out for a while.  When he woke up we headed straight for the baby pool.  It was a very hot day and so the water felt good.  Blaiden was a little apprehensive at first but he warmed up the water very quick.  We played for almost 40 minutes then it was time to eat.  We ended the day with Blaiden taking another nap.  I think our summer is going to be filled with pool days!


  1. Yes, LOTS of pool days to come missy! I just adore these pics!

  2. Thanks, They are your great photography!