May 25, 2012

Another Month Wiser

Four Months Old

My Appearance:  Wow 4 months old today!  I have grown a lot in the last month; I am now 26 inches long which is in the 90%.  I now weigh 16 pounds 3 ounces, only in the 75% for weight.  My hair is lighting up just a little bit and I also am getting a few wavy pieces around my ears.  My hair is also getting pretty long and now Mommy has to part it to the side or it would get in my eyes.  People still can’t see my eyebrows but I am getting more hair on them everyday.  I have a belly now and it is very round.  I am also getting a few rolls on my legs but Mommy tells me how cute they are.

Milestones:  The biggest milestone this month is I started to laugh for real.  Mommy and Daddy were playing with me on May 17th and I started to giggle.  They both got very excited.  I also have found my voice a few days after that and have not stopped yelling or jabbering yet.  I can now sit up really well with some help and I like to do that most of the time.  I have also learned that I can stand up (I still need a little help with this too) but I think that is very fun.  

Daily Routine:  I am trying to get back into a routine; it was thrown off a bit when we went on vacation.  I get up for the day around 7AM and eat by 8AM.  Then take a nap at 8:30 for about an hour.  I eat every three hours still and can only stay up for about 2.  I take a longer nap in the afternoon but the time changes a little still.  I go to bed at 8PM and usually sleep for 6-7 hours before I wake up and eat again.  Some nights I wake up again around 5 to eat and others I sleep until I am ready to get up.  One night I slept for 8 hours, which Mommy told me she liked very much.

Special Events:  Wow I did a lot this month and met a lot of new people.  I got to go on my first flight this month.  Mommy and I went to Colorado to visit family.  I did really well on the flight; it was almost like going on a car ride so I slept almost the whole time.  While in Colorado I got to meet most of my cousins, all my uncles, grand parents, great grand parents and my great great grandma.  I also met some of Mommy’s friends.  I flew for a second time and went to meet up with Daddy for my first time in Missouri.  I didn’t like that flight as much but I was very happy to see my Daddy after not seeing him for 2 weeks.  In Missouri I got to meet a lot of Mommy and Daddy’s friends and had a good time.  Mommy, Daddy, Kiara, and me all drove home together.  It took us 2 days to get back when we were planning on 1 because Kiara and I make the drive go a little slower then expected.  It was a very eventful month and I had a great time but I am sure glad to be home where things are a little more relaxed.

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