May 21, 2012

Wow What A Trip!

Thursday April 29th Blaiden and I left to go to Colorado for 2 weeks before we met back up with Fred in Missouri.  I was so worried about traveling alone with Blaiden but he did great.  Getting through security was difficult but went as best as it could.  Our flight's landing was delayed and so we were in the air for about 4 hours but Blaiden slept almost the entire time.

Our time in Colorado went by so fast because we were so busy.  There was a ton of family that Blaiden had not met yet and we had to make the rounds.
Great Aunt Liz and Great Grandma meeting Blaiden

Great Grandpa got some smiles out of Blaiden

Meeting Great Uncle Robert

Great "Granny" Grandma and Great Great Aunt Connie Jean sure loved to see him

Great Aunt Melissa skipped out on work just to come and say hello

Great Grandma Great with 2 of her Great Great Grandchildren

Uncle Thad

Blaiden loved meeting G-pa, every time Blaiden heard his voice he would just start to smile and look around.  It was very cute.

Tonka, Ukki, and Blaiden
During our time there we just spent as much time as possible with all of our family.  I got to go to a college friend's wedding and we also met up with both of Fred's brothers.  I wish we had more time with everyone and now is when I wished we lived closer to home.  We can't wait until we get to see everyone again.

Part 2 of the trip coming soon...

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