June 20, 2012


Yesterday I got a very big surprise from our little man, he got his first tooth!!!  Lately Blaiden has been putting everything in his mouth.  It is so funny because his grip is pretty strong and once he gets a hold of something it goes straight to his mouth.  I thought that he was just doing this to try and figure things out and not to sooth himself.  So, yesterday I was on the phone with my brother and Blaiden grabbed my hand and put one of my fingers in his mouth and boy was I shocked when I felt something poking me.  I got very excited and got off the phone so I could text Fred and call my mom.  Blaiden did so well I didn't even know he was teething.  I am so proud of this little tough guy!  Lets hope all of his teeth are this easy.

This is me attempting to get a picture of the tiny two little white peaks of his tooth.  It didn't work out so well.

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