November 28, 2012

Traveling... Part 1

We are on a 2 month vacation from our house and will be traveling across the country while Fred is working.  Now the first part of our trip is over with. We were in Columbia MO for 2 weeks. We decided that it is easier for us to travel at night and so when Blaiden woke up at midnight that’s when we decided to hit the road. Our car was loaded up the night before so we were gone within a half hour. Our car was packed to the brim and we even had to put things on the roof. Fred started out driving, Blaiden and I were in the back seat and Kiara was in the back. The trip went well, I only drove a few hours and Blaiden slept most of the way and would go back to sleep soon after he ate. By the time we made it to Columbia (12 hours later) we were all ready to get out of the car.
We stayed with our friends Andy and Pam and had a great time seeing them on a daily basis again. We were there for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the Chief vs Bronco game, and the most exciting event: Blaiden’s first steps. Kiara also loved it there because her sister lives there. I don’t think those dogs ever stopped playing. We had to try and keep them contained because one of the first nights we were there the fighting was a little to close to Blaiden and he ended up with his first black eye. We are planning on stopping by again on our way back to Ohio to see them again.

 Now on to Colorado...

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