December 17, 2012

Walking at 10 Months!

On Sunday November 25th Blaiden took his first steps!
We were still in Missouri and Fred, Andy, and Pam all went to the Broncos vs. Chiefs game and so Blaiden and I were home alone. The entire previous week Blaiden was getting so close to walking but would only lift up one foot. We decided we would not count it unless he took at least two steps. So on Sunday when it was just Blaiden and I, I was really trying to get him to do it. I guess Blaiden finally worked up enough courage because after he woke up from his afternoon nap I was trying to get him to walk towards me and he took about 6 steps before he fell over! I got so excited I think I scared Blaiden a little. So for the rest of the day we just kept practicing. Fred called when they were on their way home from the game and I was a little worried to tell him but I was so excited I had to. Fred couldn't believe that he missed it, but told me to try and keep Blaiden up until he got home so he could see him walk. Blaiden stayed up about 30 minutes later than he wanted to, but when Fred walked in the door Blaiden just walked right over to him like he had been doing it for weeks.

Here is a few action shots of Blaiden taking some of his first steps.

Now he is a pro at this walking business. He falls and he has gotten a few bruises but I guess that's how it goes when you are learning to get around on 2 feet.

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