December 27, 2012

Eleven Month Birthday and Merry Christmas Eve

Eleven Months Old


My Appearance:  Well we are still on the road so I don’t have the exact numbers on what I weigh and how tall I am.  I think I have gained some weight because when I take a bath my belly looks pretty round and I also think I have grown because I can get into almost anything I want.  I got a hair cut a couple weeks ago and since then people say it has a tint of red to it.  I guess I get this from Mommy because her hair turns a little red in the sunlight.  I am starting to fill out a little this month even though some of my pants fall off of me when I standing.  My thighs, arms, and belly are all a little thicker then last month. 

Milestones:  The day after my ten month birthday I decided that it was time to walk and I haven’t slowed down since then.  I am so good at walking now that I can almost run.  I think that walking is a blast and can’t believe that it took ten months to figure it out.  Just a couple weeks ago I figured out how to stand up by myself, I no longer need help from furniture to get up.  I get lots of practice doing this because I still fall a lot.  I also got my first cold this month.  This was not fun and I felt really sick for about 5 days.  Mommy and Daddy gave me lots of cuddle time and that helped me feel better.  I got my 7th tooth this month, this time it was a bottom tooth. 

Daily Routine:  My routine is not much of a routine anymore.  Mommy and I are staying with G-ma and G-pa while Daddy works up in Fort Collins and things are a little wild at their house.  Some times I have to take my naps in the car or at someone’s house but I always end up back at their house to go to bed.  I have had a lot of fun trying to play with all the Christmas decorations and have broken a few of G-ma’s things.  I love to play with the Christmas tree, there are so many shiny and sparkly thing on it I just can’t resist it.  I also love when my cousin Hadley comes over to play.  I can keep up with her a little better now and so we have fun playing together.

Special Events:  Well we are still traveling and so things have been a little different but I can adjust pretty well.  This month has been really special because I have got to see all of my extended family.  I have spent time will all my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, Aunts and Uncles, and even my Great Grandma’s and Grandpa’s.  I have had fun being the center of attention and really know how to keep the attention on me.  I have met Santa Clause twice this month and gotten some pictures with him.  I was not to sure about it the first time and then the second time I really didn’t want to see him and started crying so Mommy would take me back.  Tonight is my first Christmas Eve and I got to open a present.  I didn’t really know what was going on but Daddy helped show me what to do.  I had fun and Mommy and Daddy said I would get to open a lot more presents tomorrow on Christmas.

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