December 22, 2012

A Korpi Weekend

When we got into Colorado we came to see our family the first weekend before Fred had to go up to Ft. Collins to work.  It was a surprise to our families because the original plan was to stay up in Denver, go to the game on Sunday and then Blaiden and I would get a ride back to the Valley with my mom on Monday.  

On the next weekend Larry and Tonja picked up Blaiden and me to head up to Ft. Collins and spend the weekend up there with all the Korpi’s.  It was the first time Phil and his girlfriend Felisha, Casey and his girlfriend Stacia, Fred, Blaiden, me, Larry and Tonja had all gotten together.  It was a great weekend.  We got some shopping done, spent a ton of time together as a family, and had a wonderful Christmas dinner. 

Every time Blaiden looked at Casey he would smile or laugh.  It was so cute.

I am not sure what was wrong in this picture but Blaiden really does like Tonka.

Felisha is a great cook!

Look at all them Korpi boys!

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