January 11, 2013

Christmas Eve

This year we got to spend Christmas Eve with the Larsen side.  Our tradition is to all get together and eat a big dinner, then we tell stories and the kids do a small talent show, then to end the night we all get to open 1 present.  The gift is always pajamas that you get to wear that night!

This year the party was at Kit and Melissa's house.  We had a sandwich bar with all kinds of breads and meats, it was very tasty.  Melissa loves the story of "The Christmas Orange" so we heard that and then she gave each family a chocolate orange (YUM!!). Then kids then sang some songs and played the piano.  Once all of the kids were done it was time to open presents.  This was the first real present Blaiden had opened and he was not really sure what to do.  This pictures turned out great and it looks like he is tearing the paper off, but it didn't really happen that way. 

This last picture of the night was one of our whole family.  The last time we took a photo of all of us was when Hadley was about 2 weeks old, so we needed a new one. 

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