January 15, 2013

Our Month in Colorado

I can't believe that we spent 6 weeks in Colorado.  It seems to have gone by so fast.  I am glad to finally be home, being gone for 2 months was hard, but going through my pictures already make me miss it.

 We spent as much time as possible with Jed, Kaitlyn, and Hadley.  Watching Blaiden and Hadley play together, now that Blaiden can walk, they had a lot of fun.  Hadley would get mad sometimes because now Blaiden can go over and take her toys which she did not enjoy, but for the most part they had fun.  When ever they would see each other the first 5 minutes would be full of hugging and kissing.  They even got to take a few baths together.  Hadley would "help" me give him a bath but would always end up in the tub.
 On 12/12/12 Hadley turned 2.  We went over to her house and watched her open a few gifts, she got a puppy from her parents.  That weekend she had a big birthday party at her Aunt's house.  It was a Minny Mouse party and Hadley looked so cute in her outfit but she was a little tired and so she was a little grumpy.  After a while she came around and started to open her presents.

 I took Blaiden and Hadley to a Christmas party at church and they got to meet Santa.  Hadley said she would only go to see Santa if Blaiden went with her.  They sat on Santa's lap for only a little bit and then Blaiden started crying.  Hadley told Santa that she wanted real trees for Christmas from the movie the Lorax.
We spent some time over at Grandma's house.  She has horses birds, cats, and dogs, and one of the dogs even had puppies that we got to see.

Blaiden had a great time while we were decorating the house.  He broke several of G-ma's decorations and loved to play with the tree.

We did some cooking and cleaning.

One night we all went out to dinner and ate some pizza.  Hadley and Blaiden got to ride a horse but as you can see Blaiden did not like it very much.  After dinner we went to the parade of lights.  It was pretty short but that was okay because it was a very cold night.

Overall it was a very busy month and we packed in as much as we could.  

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