January 11, 2013

Blaiden's First Christmas

We spent the night with my parents and woke up about 6 to open gifts there.  Jed, Kaitlyn, and Hadley came over and it was a great morning.  Blaiden had fun, I think, but I think he enjoyed watching Hadley and playing with her toys more then opening his presents. 

Once we were all done we got ready and headed up to Creede to spend the day with the Korpi's.  It was a great day.  Blaiden got spoiled up there and he got a lot of practice opening presents.  At first he would open a gift and then just want to play with that toy.  we kept having to take them away so he would open another gift.  After a while he started to figure out that there was fun stuff under all that paper and worked a little harder at opening them.  That day his favorite toy was a set of nesting balls from Uncle Casey.  A few other great gifts were a 4-wheeler from his Great grandparents and a sweet book from his Grandma.

 We also went over to to Fred's dad's house to open gifts.  Blaiden loves it over there because they have a dog named Bella that Blaiden absolutely loves.  Every time we are over there all he wants to do is play with her.  We all got some great things there as well.  Blaiden got a pair of NFL pajamas but his big present from Ukki and Tonka was a trike that I can push from behind and take on walks.  It arrived the day we got back home in Ohio and we might get to take it out on our first walk tomorrow!

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