January 14, 2013

Day After Party

Since our family is starting to grow and we have to split time during the Christmas holiday My mom decided to start a new tradition a few years ago.  The day after Christmas we have just our family over for a party at her house.  We don't get gifts for each other on Christmas but we draw names and give those gifts on the day after.  My mom and dad also gets us all a gift.  This year with 9 people and 2 gifts each our tree looked like it was Christmas morning all over again.  Last year we had to miss this party because we didn't make it home so we were excited to be there this year.  Fred had to miss the party again this year because he had to head back up to Ft. Collins to be back at work on Thursday. 

My Mom and I spent the day getting ready and cooking a great dinner.  In the afternoon we learned that Kaitlyn, Jed, and Thad were all sick but we thought it would still be best to have the party because we couldn't find a better time to have it.  The party was a bit of a bummer and only lasted about 2 hours.  Those who felt good ate and then we opened our gifts.  It was nice to get together but it's to bad people didn't feel well. 

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