November 14, 2012

The (almost) Perfect Day

Nothing really special happen this Saturday but it turned out to be an almost perfect day.  It started out by Blaiden sleeping in until about 8:30!!  This never happens and I was so happy I could sleep in a little too.  Blaiden and I went downstairs and he ate and we played for about an hour then decided it was time to wake Fred up.  We all played in bed for a while then I started to get ready for the day.  This is where the (almost) comes into play.  Blaiden was standing by me while I was putting my hair up and he fell straight backwards and hit his head on the floor.  Fred came and picked him up and after a few seconds took Blaiden into the bathroom.  I got worried and so I went in to see blood coming out of his mouth.  He must have bitten the inside of his lip when he fell.  It was so sad to see him in pain so we cuddled on the couch until it was time for him to take a nap.
When Blaiden woke up from his nap he had blood all over his face.  His lip must have been bleeding a little during his nap, but as you can see he is not on any pain.
 While he was sleeping I got to clean out my car and do a few things around the house.  When Blaiden woke up we ate lunch and then got ready to take Kiara to the dog park.  The weather was great today and so we all wanted to spend some time outside.  When we got home there was some more playing before everyone in the house took an afternoon nap.  In the early evening we went outside to do a little work in the yard.  We just let Blaiden crawl around on the grass and he was having the best time.
This is a blurry cell phone picture of Blaiden having a blast outside.
It was such a great day spent together as a family.

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