May 29, 2013


Saturday was the big day!  Graduation started at 10 and of course Blaiden and I were the last ones there.  My parents had to wait outside for us because we had their tickets.  I am happy that I gave everyone else their tickets because if not we would have had a hard time finding seats.  It was a little difficult to get extra tickets but thanks to Ken and Lindsay we had enough for everyone to come.  Speaking of everyone I just wanted to name everyone who made the trip to support Fred.  His mom Margaret, his dad Larry and his wife Tonja, his aunts Linda and Liz, uncle Robert, grandma Yvonne, brothers Casey and Phillip, and My  mom Brenda and dad Jeff.  Thank you guys for all making the long trip for Fred's big day.  Blaiden did really well during graduation except for the 1 minute that Fred was going up on stage.  I am thankful I had help so I could take some pictures of the big moment when Fred got his hood.  

 After graduation I took Blaiden back to the room for a nap and Fred headed out to the lake to start getting things ready for our party.  Blaiden slept until 3 which is when the party was supposed to start.  We rushed out to the lake and found almost everyone there and people were already eating.  I ran around trying to get all the things ready that I had in my car.  Blaiden loved being outside and made the rounds showing off to everyone that would watch.  We had 3 graduates at our party.  It turned out great and we all had a great time.  After all the food was cooked we had cake and the boys decided to go fishing.  

It was a great day and I could tell that Fred was enjoying the moment, even though not much is changing in his work, but he does get to drop the "student" and is now called "doctor."  I just want Fred to know how proud I am of him.  It takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication, and not to mention a lot of time away to become a physician and Fred has done it.  We still have the long road of residency to get through but I know we can make it because Fred is so focused . 

CONGRATS DOCTOR KORPI!!! Blaiden and I love you!

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