May 24, 2013

Family Fun Day!

Fred just made me realize that it has been over a month since the last post on the blog.  I would like to make the excuse that I have been SOOO busy that I just can't find the time to write.  The real reason I have not been posting is with Fred being home from work this month my schedule has been thrown out the window.  Now my days have no schedule, we do whatever we want to, as long as we are home for nap time.  It is great and I will really miss it when Fred has to go back to work.

This day was no different.  We had bought tickets to the Safari Wildlife Drive Thru on Groupon about a week before.  It was such a nice day Fred had the idea to use our tickets so we planed to drive up during Blaiden's nap (it is 2 hours away).  I was so excited for Blaiden to see all the animals.  I was a little disappointed when we found out that not all of the animals would be out because it was still to cold at night but Blaiden wouldn't know the difference right?

Blaiden had a great time we even drove through the park twice.  He even tried to stick his hand up a buffalo's nose.  It was a great day spent as a family. 

I shouldn't let Fred dress Blaiden, or himself for that matter.

PS.  Happy 16th month birthday Blaiden!!

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