April 25, 2012

Where does the time go?

Three Months Old

My Appearance:  I am now 3 months old!  How time flies when you’re having fun.  I was weighed at the breast feeding class that I go to on Monday, a day early; I weighed 14lbs and 5oz and was 25 inches long.  I am really starting to fill out, I have a round tummy and my arms and legs now have a roll or two.  My hair is getting longer every day and it is still a light brown but in the sun it’s looking a little more blonde.  I have very chubby cheeks and they must be cute because Mommy kisses them all the time.  I have eyebrows now but the hair is so fine and blonde you can’t really see them.  I am just growing so much and getting pretty big!  I am now in size two diapers and they fit perfect.

Milestones:  I was hanging out with Daddy on April 10th while Mommy was up stairs and I decided it was time to roll over.  Daddy got pretty excited and called Mommy down so I did it a few more times just to show-off a little bit.  From then on I have only done it a few more times but every time I do I know I can get a reaction from who is ever around.  I am also pretty good at holding my head up.  I like to sit up on Daddy’s lap and just look all around.  I have also found my hands.  I can reach for toys and try and grab them even though it takes me a little while.  I also try and suck my thumb but for some reason every time I finally get it in my mouth Mommy takes it out.

Daily Routine:  My schedule it steadying out a little more these days.  I get up around 7:30AM and want to eat by 8:00AM.  I eat about every 3 hours for the rest of the day.  In between eating I do tummy time or play with different toys.  Right now my favorite toys are my bouncer seat that had a monkey on it that I try to reach and the mobile in my crib, but if it plays music I pretty much like it.  My favorite words right now are “stinker” and “mister.”  I smile every time Mommy says them.

Special Events:  This month I celebrated my first Easter holiday.  I was showered with gifts and felt very loved by everyone.  I also got some pictures taken for Easter and some just for Mommy and Daddy to keep.  That is about all that happened this month.  I just got to spend a lot of time with Mommy and Daddy which is favorite thing to do anyway.

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