December 14, 2016

2016 Family Update

Wow 2016 was a crazy year!  Maybe that is why I have forgotten about this little blog for a while, lets hope 2017 is a little better.  Here is a little update on everyone in our family. 

Blaiden (4):  He is doing great!  He turned 4 in January and had a Superhero party.  His love for superhero's has not faded since then and he dresses up constantly.  He has gotten to have his first sleepover at a friend's house during a few stays at the hospital.  Blaiden got to do a lot of 1-on-1 time with Fred and I this year and we tried to make him feel as special as possible. A few things he got to do were golfing, fishing, sleeping outside, outdoor movie, and a few dates to movies and the mall.  He loved all the fun things we did.  In August Blaiden and I took a trip to Colorado for a few days.  Then he started preschool and loves going everyday.  We took a trip to Disney World in September and he had a great time!  He is so excited for Christmas, he is always thinking of others and wants to get everyone else a gift.

Adilene (3):  Adilene had quite a year.  In January she just came home from the hospital after her diagnosis.  She had to relearn many things and gain a ton of strength back.  She impressed everyone and was back to walking in 7 short weeks.  The hospital became her second home with about 80 days inpatient and about 75 doctor appointments.  When she wasn't at the hospital and able to leave the house we tried to do fun things as a family.  We went to a couple zoos, took a trip to Pittsburg, played in water outside, and went to a chocolate factory.  Disney was a trip to celebrate Adilene getting into the maintenance phase of her chemo.  She loved every second of the trip and would light up every time she got to meet a character! She turned 3 in November and graduated from her therapy group and so that meant she got to start preschool in December.  She doesn't love going but once she is there she has a good time playing with the other kids. She is feeling great now and has enough energy to play all day, such an improvement from the first of the year.

Fred:  This guy is amazing! He played single dad for all those days I was in the hospital with Adilene.  He would bring Blaiden up to me for the day while he went to work then come pick him up after he finished.  When we were all home he did a few projects around house including remodeling our bathroom and tiling the entryway.  He is in the middle of his 4th year of residency and is busy most of the time.  He even works a stat care job to help us out.  He is working in Columbus this month and so we haven't seen him much since the week before Thanksgiving.  We are excited for him to get into his 5th and final year so he will be home more. 

Jessi:  I am not sure where to start with me, this year I was focused on my family so personally I didn't do much.  In May we bought a new van! I was always dead set against driving one but we needed the space so I gave in and it turns out I really like it.  It was also my first time at Disney and I think I had just as much fun as the kids did! 

We are looking forward to see what 2017 has in store for our family!

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