February 27, 2017

Goals 2017

I am only 2 months behind on posting this... 😞This post is specifically for me to see if I completed my goals for the year and to help keep me accountable for the upcoming year.  I had thought about what my new goals would be and so although I am a little late writing about it some are already in progress.

Goals from 2016
1.  I want to donate my hair for a wig.  I will be donating it to Wigs for Kids.
           --Completed in February 2016.  I will not hesitate to do this again when my hair gets long enough.

2.  I want to work on my sewing skills.  I want to learn how to make hats and bags and give then to the families that are staying in the hospital.
            --I did do a little sewing this past year but I didn't make anything for the families in the hospital.

 3.  I also want to do something for the nurses and doctors.
          --My original thought was that I wanted to try and do something about every other month but that didn't happen.  I took in goodies and a few small other things about 4 times during the year.

 4.  I want to have a yard sale. 
           --I actually had two this past summer.  The first one was thrown together overnight when one of my neighbors had one and then I had another one a month later that I was more organized for.  It turned out great and everything that didn't sell went straight to good will. I was happy to clean out a lot of our stuff.

Goals for 2017
1.  Work on the outside of the house.  There are several projects that we need to get done in the yard and exterior of the house so that it will be ready to sale in the summer of 2018.

2.  Work on the inside of the house.  I want to get all of the little projects off our list before the baby comes.  I am hoping to do a room or two each month and then hopefully end the year off with finishing the kitchen. 

3.  I want to get in shape and build some muscle.  I had big plans that were kind of thrown off by the surprise pregnancy and so after this baby is born I really want to get back into shape like I was after I had Blaiden. 

4.  Make it back to Disney World this year.  The kids had such a wonderful time last year and I am very hopeful that we can take them again this year!

5. Take more pictures with my good camera.  This past year I hardly ever got out my real camera and only used my phone.  My camera takes great photos and I love having tons of pictures to look at so I want to use it more often then my phone. 

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