February 28, 2017

January 2017

Well we started off the year in the hospital.  I think Adilene has a thing with spending holidays in the hospital, I hope she gets over that soon.  She made sure to stay up to midnight and give me a kiss, Blaiden didn't make it past 11.  There were fireworks but we were facing the other directions so we could only hear them.  We got to home the following day but it was a interesting start to the year. 

The next couple weeks we didn't do much because we were waiting for Adilene's numbers to come up.  While we were stuck in the house I did a few little home projects.  Fred was still working in Columbus and so we didn't get to see him much but as soon as Adilene could leave we went to see him.  We had a great time and got to spend the night again.  We went to the movies and the same play place we had taken the kids before.  We learned that it is hard to find a kid friendly place to eat on a Saturday night downtown so we ended up eating takeout in the hotel room.  Fred had to work the next day so the kids and I headed back home after breakfast. 

The kids and I were supposed to take a weekend trip to Denver but Adilene wasn't healthy enough so we had to postpone the trip to February.  Then it was time to celebrate Blaiden's birthday.  He decided that he wanted a "Wild West" party in the beginning of the month after saying he wanted a Power Rangers party for the last 6 months so I had to plan a new kind of party.  It was a small but very fun and relaxing party.  Blaiden had a blast and was so happy his best friend from here could be there. 

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