March 26, 2012

3 Wonderful Years

Tuesday was our 3rd wedding anniversary!  In the past we usually stay
at home and I cook up some great steaks and we watch basketball, not
very exciting but that's how we like to celebrate.  We don't buy big
gifts for each other because we usually need to save our money for
more practical things like bills, haha! I expected this year to be
about the same, or maybe even more laid back because we have Blaiden.
However; I was very surprised by what happened.  On Saturday I joked
with Fred that I found what I wanted for a gift.  On the Groupon
website they had a deal for a Mani-Peti that lasts an hour and then a
45 min massage.  I would have loved this but told him not to get it
because we didn't need to spend the money.  Tuesday morning rolls
around and my focus was not really even on our anniversary because
Blaiden had his 2 month doctors' visit we had to get ready for.  Fred
came with us but said he needed to drive his truck because he had to
go back to work after.  After the doctor visit, Blaiden and I came
home and 15 minutes later Fred walks in the door holding a beautiful
bouquet of flowers, scratch tickets (we love these), and the spa trip.
 I can usually figure out all of my gifts but Fred really did surprise
me on this year!

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